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Call for Abstracts:  Geologic Problem Solving with Microfossils IV

The deadline for abstract submission HAS BEEN EXTENDED:

Submission Deadline:  Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Please submit abstracts to the technical program committee:

Alicia Kahn (kahn@chevron.comand Jens Schmieder (

Microfossils IV Technical Session Themes:

Oral Sessions:

1.     High-resolution Biostratigraphy, Chronostratigraphy and Geo-chronology

2.     Microfossils and Biofacies Analysis: Applications and Challenges

3.     Future directions in micropaleontology (biomarkers, environmental monitoring, Paleozoic

  chronostratigraphy, etc)

4.     Integration of microfossil and sequence stratigraphic data

    Poster Topics:

    1.     Paleoclimate, Paleoceanography and Ocean Chemistry Proxies 

    2.     Paralic and Lacustrine Micropaleontology

    3.     Microfossils and Unconventional Resources: The New Frontier

    4.     Reconstructing Past Environments Using Microfossils

    5.     Taxonomy, Phylogeny and Evolution

    Abstract Submission Guidelines

                  • Electronic submissions only, please.
                  • Abstract must be in either Microsoft Word (.docx or .doc). In addition, make sure your abstract conforms to the formatting guidelines below.
                  • Abstract should contain the following identifying information: title of abstract; author's name; author's affiliation; contact email address along with the abstract text itself.
                  • Attach the abstract to an email message with the subject line: “M4 Abstract Submission”. The body of the email message should contain the following information: title of abstract; author’s full name; author’s affiliation; contact email address (if different from the address in the email header); and contact telephone number.
                  • Indicate whether the abstract is for poster or oral presentation at the top of the abstract itself.

    Abstract Formatting Guidelines

                  • Line spacing: single
                  • Text alignment: left justified.
                  • Title text: Arial 11pt bold.
                  • Author name(s): Arial 10pt with the presenting authors name in bold
                  • Author affliation(s): Arial, 10pt, italic, including email address of author who will be presenting the work at the confer-ence.
                  • Body text: Arial 11pt.
                  • Paragraphs: do not indent; leave one clear line between paragraphs.
                  • Figures are encouraged: A full color abstract book will be produced, so please include any relevant figure or image with-in the body of the text.
                  • References can be included.
                  • Extended abstracts are encouraged, but should not exceed two pages in length.

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