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     On behalf of the NAMS Council and the Conference Planning Committee, it is a privilege to report the resounding success of Microfossils IV: Geologic Problem Solving with Microfossils held April 5-9, 2017 at the Whitehall Hotel and Conference Center in Downtown Houston, Texas.

     Represented among the 130 participants in attendance were 11 energy exploration companies, 18 academic institutions (4 international), 17 industry/academic consultancies and 4 government institutions.  This level of representation and the generosity of the conference sponsors, was truly remarkable given the challenging financial environment, both in industry and academia, in recent years to It is also a testament to a thriving membership committed to innovation, shared learning and support of students who are the future.

     Finally, the conference is a direct representation of the quality, professionalism and dedication of the planning committees who gave selfless gifts of time and energy to ensure its success.

Over 90 submissions received for the technical program, with 37 talks and 58 posters presented.


  •      High Resolution Biostratigraphy, Taxonomy, and Evolution  (11 Presentations)
  •      Microfossils and Biofacies Analyses: Applications and Challenges (9 presentations)
  •      Integration of Microfossil and Sequence Stratigraphic Data (7 presentations)
  •      Future Directions in Micropaleontology (Biomarkers, Environmental Monitoring, Paleozoic  Chronostratigraphy,        etc)  (10 presentations)


  •      Paleoclimate, Paleoceanography and Ocean Chemistry Proxies (20 posters)
  •      Paralic and Lacustrine Micropaleontology (5 posters)
  •      Microfossils and Unconventional Resources: The New Frontier (3 posters)
  •      Reconstructing Past Environments Using Microfossils (15 posters)
  •      Taxonomy, Phylogeny and Evolution (15 posters)

For specific information on the talks and posters presented, please go to the NAMS website ( and also look for the upcoming Conference Proceedings Volume in the near future.

On behalf of the NAMS Council and the Conference Planning Committee,

Todd M. Boesiger

General Chair

NAMS: Microfossils IV

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